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Porcelain Veneers

An Easy Way to Get a Brand-New Smile

Your smile is an important feature – it communicates a great deal about you to the outside world. However, a few people shroud their smiles because they are ashamed of the state of their teeth. Regardless of how you have treated your teeth in the past, cosmetic dentistry can offer a solution to your current dental problems. Veneers are a particularly straightforward and beautiful way to get your teeth looking healthy and shine bright again.

Understanding Veneers

Veneers are an extremely thin shell of porcelain that is intended to fit on the surface of your teeth. Each veneer is custom made to only fit your teeth and is typically used as a permanent cosmetic dental solution. Applying the veneer to a tooth changes the tooth’s color allowing it to appear as if your teeth are naturally whiter. These are commonly used when different techniques are ineffective.

The Process

It may take a couple of appointments to finish applying the veneers. On your primary visit, the teeth receiving the veneers will be buffed to accommodate the thickness of the porcelain appliance so it can be applied evenly. A mold of your teeth will be taken by Dr. Jones to create a blueprint of how your veneers should be shaped.

At your following visit, Dr. Jones will check the size, fit and shade of each veneer. At which point you can then decide if you want to alter the color of your veneers. When you are satisfied with the color, the veneers are cleaned with a special cleaner and applied to the tooth using a special dental bonding agent that is hardened by a light beam.

Are Veneers Right for You?

To learn more about veneers or any other cosmetic dentistry treatment options that we offer, contact our office located in Fishers, Indiana. A member of our team will answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment for you to speak with Dr. Jeremy Jones.