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Are You Taking Advantage of National Call Your Doctor Day?

Dentist, Dr. Jones And Staff - Fishers, INYou might not realize it, but June 12th is National Call Your Doctor Day. It’s an important annual event to observe because a startling number of people in America do not follow up on their annual physicals every year or their semi-annual dental cleanings. Remembering to make those calls on the 12th is a great way to make sure you connect with your dentist in Fishers, IN during the hectic summer months, so use the day as a reminder to contact your local family dentistry clinic like Dentistry of Fishers and make appointments for your whole family with Dr. Jeremy Jones.

Regular Cleanings Help You Stay Healthy

When patients have no oral complaints, the fact that they are pain-free and using a regular oral hygiene regimen can lead them into a false sense of security about their health. Professional dental cleanings provided by your dentist offer a number of benefits beyond a simple clean mouth, including:
  • Opportunities for light tartar remediation before it builds up
  • Screening for oral health issues that are still developing
  • The chance to catch cavities and other issues before they become painful
  • Opportunities to address health issues through prevention
When talking about oral health, it’s important to remember that your dentist in Fishers, IN provides you with more than just updates about your teeth. Regular dental attention can also catch issues related to diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer, providing patients with an extra level of warning if their health is changing.

Oral Health for Adults and Kids

As your family dentistry practice, Dr. Jeremy Jones and staff at Dentistry of Fishers make it our mission to provide the dental care every person in your family needs at every age. That means education and developmental checkups for children, as well as sophisticated tooth replacement and cosmetic options for adults. Don’t let this June 12th go by without calling our office at (317) 565-4875 or visiting us online to make sure you have your upcoming checkups scheduled. That way, you can keep your whole family healthy throughout this summer season. Call today!