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why you should floss

Why You Should Floss

When growing up, we were always taught to brush our teeth – and you should. But along with brushing your teeth daily, you should be flossing on a regular basis. Flossing will remove plaque and debris in areas your toothbrush cannot reach. Without flossing, your teeth may experience a buildup of plaque, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. If you floss along with brushing your teeth, you will notice your gums and teeth will be much healthier.

When you are deciding which dental floss to use, you will come across two different types: nylon and single filament. You can get nylon floss either waxed or un-waxed, and it comes in flavors. Nylon floss is made up of several strands of nylon material, meaning it can shred or snag between teeth. Single filament floss, even in the tightest of areas between your teeth, is impossible to shred or tear. As long as you are flossing regularly, it does not matter what type of floss you choose. Flossing is recommended by dentists, as it can reach hard places, where food tends to settle.

The main problem many people have with flossing is the fact that it can result in bleeding of the gums. Anytime you floss and get between your teeth and around your gums, the floss will rub against your gums, resulting in the occasional bleeding. Many people take this the wrong way, and immediately stop flossing, usually for good. Bleeding is very common and should not deter you from flossing. If the bleeding seems out of the normal for you, consult with your dentist.

No toothbrush is designed to get every area of your mouth. With the areas missed by the toothbrush, the debris and plaque will continue to build up until they eventually result in a cavity or decay. To get this debris and plaque before it builds up into something more serious, you’ll need to floss. To keep your teeth and gums healthy, you’ll to brush and floss your teeth. Regular checkups with your dentist will help as well, although it is up to you to continue your regular maintenance at home with flossing and brushing. If you floss on a daily basis – you’ll quickly realize just how clean your teeth and gums will be.

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Oral Healthcare Tips

Oral Healthcare Tips

At a very early age, we’ve all been taught that oral healthcare is something that should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, a lot of us in our adult lives have a tendency to spend less than a minute when brushing our teeth. This isn’t an adequate amount of time to properly clean your teeth. The appropriate amount of time to clean your teeth takes about 2 minutes. You might want to think about utilizing a stopwatch the next time you brush to make certain you’re getting the right amount of time to take care of your teeth.

Brushing Method
When brushing your teeth, use brief, gentle circular motions and try to stay clear of using unnecessary pressure so you don’t damage your gums. Concentrating on hard to get to places like the areas in between your teeth should be a big focal point. Likewise, ensure you hit all your teeth’s surface areas like the outside and inside of your upper and lower arches.

Toothbrush Selection
You’ll need to have a great toothbrush to get the most out of cleaning your teeth. You should choose brushes that have soft bristles, soft bristles aren’t as harsh on your gums and will help get rid of debris from your teeth. Brushes with a little head are also favored, as it can reach more areas in the mouth.
Keep in mind to change your brush every few months. You’ll recognize when it’s time to update your toothbrush when it starts to show indications of wear and tear. Once the bristles begin to wear down, they can tear away at your gum tissue.

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If you look after your teeth correctly by following these methods, you will keep them away from infections and prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. Bear in mind that you still need to go to your dentist for regular examinations. For even more oral health tips, contact our office today to set up an assessment with Dr. Jones. Our well-informed team at Dentistry of Fishers is here to answer any kind of concerns you might have about all points dental related. We are currently situated in the Fishers area in Indiana to better aid you with all your oral healthcare needs.
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Intraoral Camera

Have You Scheduled Your Spring Dental Visit?

Daylight savings time is ending on March 30th this year. As we get ready for our biannual changing of the clocks, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of all the other biannual tasks the season brings. If you have been six months or more since your next dental visit, use the changing time as a prompt to call for a dentist appointment so you can keep your smile as healthy as possible. Why Six-Month Check-ups? Sometimes, patients believe they can space their cleanings out to nine months or even get by on yearly visits. That’s just not enough protection to stay on top of tooth decay, and it also reduces the effectiveness of your family dentistry office at providing you with input about your health. That’s a big issue because it not only means tooth decay has a better chance of setting in, it also means you lose the extra eyes on signs and symptoms of other serious health issues like diabetes. Dental Services Beyond the Check-up Your biannual cleanings are also a great time to schedule other dental services or to start a treatment you’ve been putting off for a while.
  • Invisalign
  • Bruxism treatments
  • Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Dental Implants
Don’t forget, our office serves the entire family, so it’s easy to make sure you can get everyone seen in one office. That makes your life simpler and it lets you group appointments together. Of course, getting a group of appointments for the whole family means planning well in advance of the desired date. Contact Us Today for an Appointment Give us a call and talk to our staff about what you need from a six-month appointment with Dr. Jeremy Jones. They are ready to work with you whether you’re just getting a cleaning or going for some cosmetic dentistry add-ons, and they can find times to get you and your family in at once if you need it. Just talk to us and let us help.
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Smiling family at the dentist office in fishers, IN

Focus on Your Teeth for National Diet Resolution Week

So many people resolve to start taking better care of their health at the beginning of a new year that January 1-7 is officially known as National Diet Resolution Week. Choosing to start a healthier diet is a great goal that can have wonderful results for your health – including your teeth! While you are out exercising and choosing foods to help you shed the pounds, a little family dentistry may also be beneficial for learning what foods can better improve your oral health.

A Good Diet Can Also Be Good for Your Teeth

Many foods that are great for your bodily health are also good for your teeth. For example, dairy-rich foods such as milk, cheese, and plain yogurt tend to have a lot of calcium that is great for building stronger teeth. Apples act as a natural and gentle abrasive that can help keep your teeth cleaner. Fruits and vegetables can also be packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help fight bad bacteria in the mouth. Just be sure to avoid consuming too many extra-hard, citrus, or acidic foods which can actually damage or weaken your teeth.

It Is Also a Great Time To See Your Dentist

National Diet Resolution Week is a time when many people decide to take better care of themselves, so why not add a semi-annual dental checkup to the list too? At Dentistry of Fishers, Dr. Jeremy Jones offers regular checkups for everyone in the family. This is a great time to have your teeth examined after indulging all of the delicious goodness over the holidays.

Schedule Your Check-Up Today

The first week of January may be an ideal time to schedule checkups for kids before they go back to school. Then, the next semi-annual checkup would be in the summer, when school is out again. If you plan on taking better care of your health anyway, contact our office right away to schedule your dental visit with Dr. Jeremy Jones.
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Preventive care written on chalboard

Why Preventive Dentistry Is Serious Business

Dentist, Dr. Jones And Staff - Fishers, INMany people are consistent with their yearly visits to the physician, but sadly, there are a lot of individuals who believe their dental health can take a back seat. There is a good reason why it is recommended that you visit your dentist in Fishers, IN at least every six months: Preventative dentistry can help you to avoid some common and easily solved dental problems, saving you time, money, and even pain.

Problems Prevented by Visiting the Dentist

While visiting a dentist like Dr. Jeremy Jones will not necessarily keep every tooth problem at bay, a regular checkup can help lower your risk for the following:
  • Cavities: Jones and our friendly staff can regularly inspect your mouth with each visit, checking for tooth sensitivity and any erosion that could lead to cavities. A quick look-over and a little bit of touchup work could save you from needing a more invasive procedure later.
  • Toothaches: There are a few different reasons why a tooth may start to cause pain, but our staff can head off the problem before you even know it is there with a routine inspection.
  • Gum Disease: Unless you receive treatment quickly, gum disease – also known as periodontitis – can worsen, leading to problems such as receding gums, sensitive teeth, and tooth loss. We can clean your teeth and treat the gum disease before it becomes problematic.
  • Oral Cancer: Our staff can screen you for signs of oral cancer – which is more treatable the earlier it is identified.

Proper Care for Teeth at Home

You do not have to wait for your visit to dentist, Dr. Jones in Fishers, IN to practice preventative oral care. You can take an active part in preventing these problems through good oral hygiene.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day and after each meal. Be sure to brush the front, top, and back of each tooth.
  • Floss your teeth daily to prevent the buildup of bacteria between teeth.
  • Schedule a visit with your dentist for emergencies.

Schedule a Dental Checkup Today

If it has been more than six months since your last dental checkup, contact Dentistry of Fishers today to schedule a visit with Dr. Jones.
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Dentist Standing In Front Of Clinic - Fishers, IN

Are You Taking Advantage of National Call Your Doctor Day?

Dentist, Dr. Jones And Staff - Fishers, INYou might not realize it, but June 12th is National Call Your Doctor Day. It’s an important annual event to observe because a startling number of people in America do not follow up on their annual physicals every year or their semi-annual dental cleanings. Remembering to make those calls on the 12th is a great way to make sure you connect with your dentist in Fishers, IN during the hectic summer months, so use the day as a reminder to contact your local family dentistry clinic like Dentistry of Fishers and make appointments for your whole family with Dr. Jeremy Jones.

Regular Cleanings Help You Stay Healthy

When patients have no oral complaints, the fact that they are pain-free and using a regular oral hygiene regimen can lead them into a false sense of security about their health. Professional dental cleanings provided by your dentist offer a number of benefits beyond a simple clean mouth, including:
  • Opportunities for light tartar remediation before it builds up
  • Screening for oral health issues that are still developing
  • The chance to catch cavities and other issues before they become painful
  • Opportunities to address health issues through prevention
When talking about oral health, it’s important to remember that your dentist in Fishers, IN provides you with more than just updates about your teeth. Regular dental attention can also catch issues related to diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer, providing patients with an extra level of warning if their health is changing.

Oral Health for Adults and Kids

As your family dentistry practice, Dr. Jeremy Jones and staff at Dentistry of Fishers make it our mission to provide the dental care every person in your family needs at every age. That means education and developmental checkups for children, as well as sophisticated tooth replacement and cosmetic options for adults. Don’t let this June 12th go by without calling our office at (317) 565-4875 or visiting us online to make sure you have your upcoming checkups scheduled. That way, you can keep your whole family healthy throughout this summer season. Call today!
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