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Dental Implant Nerves

Dental Implants: Qualifications and Benefits

Dental Implants: Do I Qualify? Dental implants are considered the leading tooth restoration option, and this is mainly because they offer patients who are suffering from missing teeth a permanent solution. Also, they have a unique number of benefits and if they are taken care of properly then they can last a lifetime. Essentially, when you make an investment in dental implant you are investing in your future and improving your quality of life. Here at our office we utilize advanced technology to provide our patients with quality and customized dental implants, but the question of how do you know if you qualify still remains to learn about this read more below:

Do You Meet the Conditions For Dental Implants? In order for dental implants to remain affixed to your jaw, these ideal conditions must be present:

• Healthy gum tissue: Implants need to be maintained in the same manner as regular teeth. Diseased or unhealthy gum tissue can compromise the integrity of your implants much the same way they do with your normal teeth, such as loosening the connective tissue the secures the implant to the jawbone.

• Adequate jaw bone density: Because dental implants are rooted into your jaw bone, you need to have sufficient bone density for your dentist to work with. Once you have lost a tooth, the underlying jaw bone can deteriorate. Thus, it is important that you seek treatment soon after losing a tooth.

• The time to complete the process: The entire process of receiving your dental implant screws to having your permanent crowns placed can take up to six months. Therefore, you need to be committed to actively participating in the placement and recovery process in order for your procedure to be successful.

Schedule An Appointment In order to know for sure if you qualify for dental implants the best thing to do would be to make an appointment. Doing so will allow your dentist to examine your mouth and tell you whether or not you would be a good candidate for dental implants or what might need to be done to make you one. For example, if you need bone grafting to support your dental implants your dentist would inform you.