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Invisalign® To Straighten Crooked Teeth - Fishers, IN - Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Feast

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Feast With Perfect Teeth From Invisalign®

The holiday season is here. After the sugar rush from Halloween has worn off, it is time to get ready for Thanksgiving. You might want to bite down and chew, but the hard metal appliances of your braces scoop up all the particles and debris. Don’t you wish you had Invisalign® in Fisher, IN? Dr. Jeremy Jones can help you with your crooked teeth with this comfortable alternative.

What Is Invisalign®?

You might have seen these devices marketed as invisible braces. That is an accurate description of their function, but not their form. Braces are a series of metal brackets and wires that put pressure on the teeth. Slowly, your teeth change position until they are straight.

Invisalign® To Straighten Crooked Teeth - Fishers, INInvisalign® is a set of clear plastic covers that go over your teeth. They have several advantages:
  • Removeable for cleaning and brushing
  • Less noticeable and more attractive
  • No dietary limits while in treatment
  • Bring your teeth into proper alignment over time
Dr. Jones creates your set specifically for you. They must fit the exact shape of your mouth and click firmly into place. New sets periodically replace older appliances as your teeth get closer to their desired location.

What If I Ignore the Problem? Are Crooked Teeth All That Bad?

The position and spacing of your teeth are essential. Beyond just the cosmetic issues, crooked teeth complicate your oral hygiene routine. Hard to reach areas develop cavities and hide infectious debris. You may have sores grow in the same place routinely or have discomfort from teeth that rub against the side of your mouth. Crooked teeth also impair your ability to enunciate words easily.

Invisalign® is a straightforward and minimally invasive solution for these problems, but you must be eligible for the procedure. If you would like to find out more, contact our office at (317) 565-4875 and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Jones, your dentist in Fishers, IN. Enjoy your holiday with straighter teeth and fewer complications from braces.