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Gum Disease In Fishers IN

Know the Signs of Gum Disease to Prevent Infection and Other Problems

Gum disease in Fishers, IN is a surprisingly common problem. Because it does not cause much pain or discomfort in its early stages, many people are entirely unaware that they have it. This condition is characterized by a proliferation of harmful bacteria near the gum line; these bacteria produce the hard, scaly layer called plaque. Food particles that have not been cleared away by daily brushing and flossing contribute to the growth of these harmful bacteria. Over time, the bacteria begin to damage the gum tissue, which recedes to reveal the sensitive dentin layer of the teeth. Sensitive teeth are a warning sign of periodontal disease, so you should speak with your dentist if you experience this. Because periodontal disease is essentially a slow infection, anyone who is immunocompromised should take care to prevent its development. This year, September 17 marks National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day. Both people living with HIV/AIDS and the elderly need to be aware of the potential danger that gum disease poses. Knowing how to recognize the warning signs of this disease will help prevent it from advancing to more serious stages.  Know the Signs The most common signs of moderate gum disease are:
  • Tender, swollen gums
  • Red (rather than pink) gum tissue
  • Gums that bleed easily when scratched
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Receding gum tissue
Periodontal disease is most easily treated in its earliest stages; by the time that the above symptoms develop the disease has most likely progressed to its moderate stage. Sufficient oral hygiene, including daily flossing, will help cut back on the amount of harmful bacteria. Other more aggressive treatments clear away the bacteria causing the infection and leave healthy tissue intact to begin the healing process.  Learn More About Oral Health If you have questions about oral health and optimal hygiene, speak with Dr. Jones in Fishers, IN today. Call our office at (317) 565-4875 to schedule an appointment.