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types of foods that pose a threat to your oral health

Types of Foods That Pose a Threat to Your Oral Health

Following a practical diet plan can be challenging for some individuals. Which is completely reasonable since food is something that people indulge in for different reasons. Alas, the old saying of “you are what you eat “holds real weight to your oral wellbeing. I think we can all agree that nobody wants a worn down and plaque infested set of teeth. To better assist you in determining how to navigate a healthy diet that profits not only your oral health and your overall wellness all at once we’ve created a small guide that clarifies what food types to stay away from and why.

Extremely Acidic and Overly Sugary Foods

Research studies have shown that microorganisms in our mouths feed on the different substances that make up sugar. For example, if you binge yourself with sweet foods all that sugar begins to coat your teeth slow transforming them into sugary mound of plaque. Think of your favorite box of candy as a trojan horse and your mouth as the city of Troy. Your pretty much secretly inviting sugar to be stored in your mouth and that’ll end up becoming plaque and tartar build up resulting in toothaches and other oral problems

On the flipside of that conversation, excessively acidic foods also pose a huge threat to your teeth. These kinds of foods are already acidic in nature so the acid in these foods will begin to wear down and slowly start to deteriorate your teeth. This usually results in tooth decay and causes bad breath or even the overall loss of your teeth.

Food Isn’t Simply for Fun

At the end of the day food is supposed to provide us with energy making us feel significantly healthy and balanced in all aspects of our lives. It’s not expected that you drop all your preferred sugary foods after reading this, but we at least want you to be mindful and comprehend the damages these foods can cause to your dental healthcare if kept unchecked. If you are still uncertain regarding picking the appropriate foods and want more information, contact our office today to arrange an appoint to talk with Dr. Jeremy Jones. Also feel free to talk with any of our experienced personnel at Dentistry of Fishers we can help with any of your dental related concerns. We are currently located in the Fishers, Indiana area. We look forward to helping you reach you dental healthcare goals.