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Dr. Jeremy Jones, DMD, and the rest of our knowledgeable team stay up-to-date with the latest dental technologies and techniques, integrating updated technologies into the Dentistry of Fishers office regularly.

With advanced technologies, we can create the best dental experience and results for our patients. Whether you need Invisalign braces, new dental crowns, or a complex diagnosis, our technologies may help you, making your care more comfortable and efficient.

Learn more about how we use dental technologies to improve your visits to our modern dental office in Fishers below.

dentist looking at digital dental X-rays

Digital Impressions

With digital impressions, there's no need for uncomfortable, goopy materials. Digital impression technology allows us to create high-quality and incredibly accurate impressions of your teeth with a simple scan.

The process for making digital impressions is convenient and comfortable for patients, takes only minutes, and we can also quickly send the scans to a lab if necessary for the creation of tooth restorations or customized invisible braces.

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CEREC dental crown

CEREC Dental Crowns

With CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) technology, we can create dental crowns quickly and conveniently in our Fishers dental office. In fact, we can create your customized dental crown so quickly, only one visit to our office is required!

Dr. Jeremy Jones, DMD, will take impressions of your teeth and then use specialized software to design your new tooth restoration specifically for your smile. We send the design to milling machine, which creates your perfect dental crown. After bonding the crown to your tooth and making any necessary adjustments, we will send you home with aesthetically pleasing restoration that will protect your oral health.

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3-D Cone Beam Imaging

We use 3-D cone beam imaging at Dentistry of Fishers to create high-quality, 3-D images of your teeth, bones, and soft tissues. It's called cone-beam imaging because the x-ray is shaped like a cone. The imaging experience is comfortable for patients, and it allows us to get a unique view of your oral health that is impossible with a 2-D x-ray. 

3-D cone beam technology makes diagnosis easy and accurate, whether we're diagnosing a dental problem, sleep apnea, or TMJ problems. It's also extremely helpful when planning for dental procedures, like the placement of a dental implant. 

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